Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rietti Graphic Design

A Unique Artistic Graphic Design Serving Metro Atlanta Georgia - Call 404-538-1474 - 1-877-743-8840

We offer something unique:

A unique aspect of our service is the combination of skills we specialize in and the layer of service we provide:

- We offer Art-Work Customization to your preference.
- We offer extremely fast turnaround.
- We offer the ability to work across media (Business Card design, Leaflet design, Animated presentation design, 3D design, web design).
- We offer On call 24/7 design service.
- We offer quick response.
- We offer a free proof-reading service before artwork handover.

In addition to offering a highly specialized service, we also offer general Graphic Design services. 

Get the most out of business cards:

Business cards are your most important publicity items. They tell people how to contact you. Executives normally keep vendor business cards in a case or card-box. Make sure you’re in it. And make sure your card has ALL your details: mailing address, telephone, cell phone number, email, and website address.

Your business card should be smart, clean, and easy-to-read. Give several cards to new prospective clients at meetings, and if you have existing clients or contacts, make sure they are well stocked with your cards so they can recommend you. Add a few cards in with your invoices. Leave a few cards in company reception areas, at sports clubs, and anywhere where your prospective clients are likely to congregate. Get them in people’s hands.

Having your own website is essential and gives you some advantages. A website will help you to communicate your product/service portfolio to your clients. 

You may want to have some mailer postcards designed at the same time you have your business cards designed. Direct mail postcard designs are a great way to communicate your product/service portfolio to your clients and get noticed. 

Your Marketing Graphics must give your prospective client enough information to help them see what you can do for them. With each marketing item you present, summarize your product/service portfolio and your prospective client will want to know the intricacies of your portfolio.

Be persistent, follow up on all leads and focus on getting meeting time with contacts. Remember people trust faces not names.

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